Belts & Hoses

Complete Care for Your Vehicle

The belts in your engine are essential to its proper operation. When a belt fails or breaks, the components it powers cease to function. This can result in something that’s merely inconvenient, like your air conditioner not running, or much more serious effects, such as a loss of steering control or no coolant circulation.

Luckily, most belts show signs of wear which indicate they should be replaced before they actually break or fail. This is why it is so important to let our professionals inspect your vehicle regularly, and especially if you are hearing or feeling anything unusual. Some signs of failing belts include:

  • Squealing noise with acceleration
  • A slow, slapping sign when at idle
  • Whirring or grinding noises
  • Squealing noise when steering wheel is fully turned

How convenient would it be to have an expert mechanic as a neighbor whenever a worrisome symptom popped up with your vehicle? Meineke San Bernardino is locally owned and operated, so you can be sure you receive that neighbor treatment every time you need it.

Hoses are used in many systems of every automobile. They transport necessary fluids to their components. Hoses also route engine vacuum needed for a number of vehicle systems.

As with belts, a failed hose can result in everything from inconvenience to catastrophe depending on to which system the hose is connected. Hose warning signs include:

  • An odor of gasoline while the engine is running
  • Fluid leakage under your vehicle
  • Sweet or smoky burning smell
  • Smoke or steam from under your hood
  • “Check Engine” light on your dashboard
  • High temperature indicator