Strange noises? Mysterious and scary lights glaring at you directly in the face? Sounds like a horror story, what to do? Spoiler: The answer isn’t put a piece of electrical tape over it.

Modern vehicles are manufactured with complex inter-related systems. On-board computers continually monitor and store information about the performance of the systems. When the computer gets a signal from one of the systems indicating it is operating outside of its normal range, a warning light comes on.

Often, the causes for a warning light are not major. Things like not properly tightening your gas cap can set it off. Other times they can indicate transmission or braking system issues, or other major problems. Even if your vehicle appears to be driving normally, ignoring trouble indicators can lead to serious issues, such as engine damage. It may even be a safety hazard. That’s why it is strongly recommended to be safe (and have peace of mind) and get your car looked at by our certified professionals ASAP.

At Meineke San Bernardino we have the tools, technology, and training to diagnose AND fix any whining, grinding, or scary light plaguing your car today.